How To Get Out Of Razor Burn Overnight

Shaving Without Attendant Issues

You're going to have a great time in the pack. People today are having a relationship with each shave. This has generated a lot of heat with the blame ugly at the doorsteps of the service providers that manufacture these shaving devices.

You can have that clean shave if you can apply this simple easy to follow steps. This is about teaching you how to get shaved without getting razor bumps on your skin.

The Basics

There are some simple basics that you have to get in place if you are to achieve results. It will not cost you a fortune; they are the ingredients that you need to get started with:

* Razor It must not necessarily be an electric razor. Any old cheapo will do.
* Shaving Cream- You will require a shave cream handy before you proceed. Here again, there are some of you who are ready to serve.
* A Bowl / Sink- Necessary to hold the water that you will use during the race of shaving.
* Towel- You are not expected to use your bare hands to get rid of strands of hair. It is advised that you get a towel for proper hygiene.
* Scissors- This is needed when you have a bushy hair to deal with. The scissors will be hand in the face of the process of actually shaver.
* Aftershave- Smelling nice after your shave is not a bad idea. The aftershave will give you this and help you in nasty anything on your face.

When you have gotten the above ready for use; You can now proceed directly to the process of having all the answers.

Get Yourself Ready

Now, you have to prepare your hair ready for the process. Get under the shower to get your hair wet and ready for action. In the alternative, you can soak the towel in warm water and apply it to your face. It will help soften the whiskers on your body.

You can now use the scissors if you have one to trim your mustache and trimming your sideburn a little. Be careful how you go about it so that you will not give yourself an unnecessary cut.
Next, run your hands over the hairy parts of your hair. This is an antidote to preventing you in the areas that you have to shave. Take note of the grains on your hair and be extra careful when you are to shave those parts.
Now, apply a generous amount of cream to the hairy parts of your body that you intend to shave. It is important to have a bump-free hair shave.

Avoid Shaving The First Part

You are handling a sharp object; There should be some measure of respect for the razor. If you disrespect it; then expect a sharp cut from the razor. For proper handling of the movement of the blades so as to avoid waiting issues; you have to make sure that you
Move the razor in a perpendicular direction to the blades.
Always keep it flat to the base of your hair.
* Carefully apply the razor on the side of your face; no matter where you start; your cheek is a very good starting point. Make sure you go in the direction of the grain on your hair. Your razor will be clogged; Dip it inside the warm water to clear it and continue with the process. Continue with the process until you get that feeling of satisfaction that every strand of hair is gone.

Smoothen It All Out

You appear now with the hair removal; it is now time to smooth out all the rough edges. You shaved along the direction of the grains on your hair up to this point in time; you will have a change. If for instance you previously shaved down, it is time to shave to the sides.
You have to be careful to ensure that you do not go against the direction of the grain. You have to take care of yourself because the process is more delicate than in the previous shave. You will have the hair on the blade but will still be required to keep it moist.
Make yourself feel good with your hands. Repeat the process again in areas where you feel there is still some strands of hair. You should be ready for this stage before proceeding to the next stage.

The Finishing

At this point, steady yourself for a measure of bread. This will come when you wipe off the shaved part of your body with the towel. Rub some generous amount of your aftershave on your palm; take your breadth and rub it on the parts of your body that you have shaved.
It will hurt and produce a burning sensation, but it will not last longer than a few seconds; after that, you will get a sensation on your body.
That completes the process and you are not very likely to experience it.

The Tools

You have completed a process now. It is very important to take care of the tools that you use when you want to undergo the exercise of shaving. Particular attention should be paid to the razor; you must keep it always dry.


Getting a bump-free shave is easy and it will not cost you a fortune. The steps above says it all.